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[Gratis] Lomba Video Pendek (Three Minutes Video Competition 2023) Berhadiah 50,000 USD
[Gratis] Lomba Video Pendek (Three Minutes Video Competition 2023) Berhadiah 50,000 USD

[Gratis] Lomba Video Pendek (Three Minutes Video Competition 2023) Berhadiah 50,000 USD


Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb

“Salam Sehat, Bahagia and Sukses Selalu”

Semoga kesuksesan dan kesehatan selalu ada pada diri kita para pejuang prestasi dimanapun berada. Tentu semangat prestasi dan kesehatan masih terjaga bukan?

Kali ini lomba yang akan mimin infokan adalah [Gratis] Lomba Video Pendek (Three Minutes Video Competition 2023) Berhadiah 50,000 USD



Dan ini Khusus Untuk Kalian nie gaezz:

[Update] Info Lomba Nasional-Internasional 2023/2024

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[Gratis] Lomba Video Pendek (Three Minutes Video Competition 2023) Berhadiah 50,000 USD kali ini adalah:  

The Chiayi International Three Minutes Video Competition in 2023 is an international extreme-short film competition hosted by the Chiayi Municipal Government Cultural Bureau in Taiwan. Artistic and contemporary experimental three minutes films in all creative forms from all over the world can apply for and will be collected and screened once nominated. They shall be displayed to Taiwanese on screen and international community through internet by this platform for international directors, video creators and artists

Ketentuan Peserta

The competition is open to anyone.


Ketentuan Karya:

Karya orisinil peserta sesuai tema, dan tidak terkait dengan pihak manapun, bernilai positif dan tidak mengandung unsur SARA, Pornografi, Kekerasan berlebih dan tidak melanggar hukum.


Terms and Conditions & Copyright Statement



1. Participants are not limited to age, nationality or gender.

2. Individual or team is eligible.

3. All themes are welcomed but those that exceed the bounds of decency are not allowed.

4. Length of animation usage should be less than one minute.

5. Register and submit through FilmFreeway before Aug 16, 2023 at 23:59 pm CST.

6. The Product completion time of the films must be form in Aug 1, 2022 to Aug 14, 2023. If the production scheduled were not in accordance with the timeline above, the participating films will be considered as ineligible. The participation should provide relevant evidence to the organizer.


Rules & Terms

7. Three promotional photos, introduction of works, and of the participant should be provided.

8. Introduction of work: 250 words in Chinese or 100 words in English

9. Introduction of participant: 200 words in Chinese or 50 words in English

10. Videos should be at 3:00 to 3:59. (including intro, the film itself and outro)

11. The original video and Chinese/English SRT subtitle file is required.

• Format: MOV or MP4

• Code: H.264

• Image resolution: above 1920x1080


Rights and obligations of participants

12. Entries must not be the re-edited versions of other works.

13. Entries are subject to the use of the published text, interviews, video record or third party works (such as props, music, photos, etc.), shall be authorized by the third-party with signed Consent for Authorized Use of Copyright and agree to the organizers and sublicense the use of the third person during the contest for the licensed content reproduce, edit, convert, distribute, publicly broadcast, public transport, public exhibition and other promotional activities of non-profit purpose use.

14. Participants must be the original creator of the entries.

15. Entries must be unpublished works. No plagiarism, borrowing, copying, or counterfeiting is allowed. Participants must cooperate with the organizer as the rules were mentioned above. If the award-winning films were not premiere in Taiwan, the organizer will have the rights to cancel the qualifications of the participations, and the bonus from the award. If the bonus have been paid, the organizer has the right to recover it.

16. Entries may not be disclosed without the consent of authorities and shall be signed by the copyright statement (entries are no illegal infringement of the copyright or other rights of others).

17. Entries involving intellectual property rights disputes shall be the responsibility of the entrants themselves and have nothing to do with the organizer.


Rights and obligations of finalists


18. The finalists agree to grant the organizer the right to broadcast their works.

19. Once the film is shortlisted, it shall not be withdrawn for any reason. The finalist shall cooperate in attending the festival-related events and awards ceremony.


Rights and obligations of winners


20. Pursuant to Article 2 of Article 7 of the Income Tax Law, those who have won prizes in excess of NT $ 20,000 (inclusive) must be deducted by the enforcement unit with a 10% tax; non-residents of the Republic of China (nationals and foreigners who have lived in the Republic of China for less than 183 days) regardless of the amount of the winner's income, 20% of the tax will be deducted from the winner's income. The undertaking unit will issue deduction (exemption) payment vouchers in accordance with the law, and those who are subject to the withholding tax provisions of the Income Tax Law and other relevant laws and regulations shall follow the prescribed methods.

21. The winning entries are subject to violations of intellectual property rights related laws and regulations, the certificates, trophies/medals and prizes must be returned.




22. The organizer and the co-organizer have the right to use all the entries during the competition for promotional activities.

23. Those who fail to comply with or provide the provisions of this brief shall be deemed to be abstaining, and the organizer may directly cancel the eligibility of prizes for the work without notice.

24. All entries will not be returned, please backup by yourself.

25. Participants should read and agree to the provisions of this brief. The organizer reserves the right to amend at any time.


Adapun detail ketentuan karya silakan kunjungi tautan di bawah sumber utama di akhir artikel ini.




16 Agustus 2023


Hadiah dan Penghargaan

Adapun hadiah dan penghargaan dalam [Gratis] Lomba Video Pendek (Three Minutes Video Competition 2023) Berhadiah 50,000 USD adalah sebagai berikut:

• Golden Award: 10,000 USD

• Silver Award: 8,000 USD

• Bronze Award: 7,000 USD

• Best Creative Award: 4,000 USD

• Best Editing Award: 4,000 USD

• Best Art Design Award: 4,000 USD

• Best Sound Effect Award: 4,000 USD

• Best Photography Award: 4,000 USD

• Best Popularity Award: 3,000 USD

• Special Jury Award: 2,000 USD


So, segera persiapkan karya terbaikmu yakkk!


“Teruslah Berkreasi, Berinovasi dan Berprestasi untuk Menginspirasi.” --- Mimin


Laman sendiri bukanlah penyelenggara dalam kegiatan ini, namun hanya bersifat menginformasikan event. Untuk mendapatkan informasi pelaksanaan kegiatan ini silakan pelajari dari sumber dan web resmi penyelenggara.

Untuk registrasi dan info lebih lengkapnya silakan kunjungi link berikut:


Yuppp, semangat berprestasi ya, semoga keberuntungan ada pada kita semua.


Demikian [Gratis] Lomba Video Pendek (Three Minutes Video Competition 2023) Berhadiah 50,000 USD mimin sampaikan semoga bermanfaat.



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